First Post – Evaluation

The creation of this blog did not take long. I was unsure if it would be best to link it to my school email or my own personal email, but once that decision was made the fun could begin. At first, the themes did not load so I played with some of the color options before trying again. This time I was able to scroll through and see the different free theme options and settled on one called “Baskerville 2”, but put my own image of a duck swimming in for the header.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an option to change text color, only background color. Gray text on a dark, watery background is not very readable, so I reverted back to the default photo of the path. I will be honest and say that even after this post is made (and likely throughout the course) I will probably play with my theme more. I am hoping to be able to find a way to change text color on the “Baskerville 2” theme since I enjoy the layout.

I was also surprised to see so many different sub-menus that needed to be selected to change the theme. Most sites I have used with customization have everything right in one place, which can seem a bit cluttered and overwhelming to some. I personally would rather do less clicking. As mentioned, I will likely continue to play with customization to get comfortable with where things are.

Adding the widget didn’t take much effort either. I selected the calendar widget that was available for the footer. I feel this isn’t an ideal place for such a feature, but it was the widget I felt worthy of being included at this time. Perhaps I will add more as the semester continues.

For now, I feel content with what I have made with the little knowledge I have from this process. I’m going to continue digging into more as much as I can. For example, what the features of writing the post are since I see there are category options. I imagine tags are similar to how most story websites work to keep searches and authored content organized, but categories is something I don’t think I’ve encountered before. I have made a category for this class.

It is now that I try to publish this post that I see my school email never received anything from WordPress, so I changed it to my own personal email. Regardless, things seem to be working now.

I look forward to seeing what WordPress has to offer as we continue in class.


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